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Thank You!

Two thank-you's received in the last 24 hrs to share with all of you...Need comes in many different forms and we are so grateful for all of you who help us support the community! Enjoy!

1. Christmas Gift Donations: From a patient at NS Rehabilitation Centre when asked about their stay in the hospital and if they'd like to acknowledge anyone who went above and beyond: "I was here over the holidays and there was extra care and an anonymous gift that made me feel welcome. It was so thoughtful and a special thing that brought joy."

2. From a client on Monday's supper: "I've never picked up a meal from you before tonight. We've been exhausted due to family circumstances, caring for our grandchild and dealing with worries about a loved one who was dealing with high risk illness. We've been getting updates through texts and unable to visit due to COVID. Tonight, my husband picked up meals for us and it was amazing. We have been physically, mentally and emotionally drained. This was God sent and we appreciated it so much. Thank you for all you do!"

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